Put “I mean…KIND OF” if it was on more than one occasion.


Question Answer

WhErE tHe FuCk DiD i GeT tHiS tUb…?

Question Answer

ThE fUcK aRe YoU.


A+: Flawless/Smexy

A-: Gorgeous/Hot

B+: Beautiful/Handsome

B-: Pretty/Cute

C+: Cute/Decent

C-: Decent/Okay

D+: Okay/Umm…

D-: Ugly

F: Horrid

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idk you mighta 

fish puns are kinda the norm to me so i dont alwaves notice when otter peeps use em 
but when i do its AW-SOM-E

nah i aint gonna ignore that last bit damn bro you had a pale crush on me why didnt ya tell me somefin coda happened
cant now reely of course but yknow

WeLl ShIt, NoW i KnOw. LiKe WhOa.

MaN rEaL tAlK i’M pAlE pOiSoN. tHaT qUaDrAnT’s BaD fUcKiNg LuCk On Me, I’vE hAd ThReE aNd TwO oF ‘eM uP aNd VaNiShEd AnD tHe ThIrD bRoKe Up WiTh Me ThE sAmE dAy My KiSmEsIs DiD. dIdN’t WaNt NoNe Of ThAt To Go DoWn On YoU. yOu DiG?


He waits, watching with envious eyes. You’ve only been working on this show for a few weeks, but you’ve seen him spend more time doing it than you’ve seen him ham it up in front of the camera. When you asked the line producer, she just told you to ignore it, that it’s just Guy’s thing, that it means nothing, do your job. But you’re beginning to think it’s more than a habit. There’s something dark down there, beneath those sunglasses. As you watch Guy stare into the food from afar you can’t help but feel that there’s something other than hunger in his heart. Is it lust? Is it… contempt? You suppose it doesn’t matter. Just a few more weeks and you’ll be out of this gig and on to another. But one day he makes eye contact with you as Greg gets shots of the customers. In that moment, he speaks to you. Not with words but with a dark, troubled aura. He presses a finger to his lips. You stay silent. He shifts his mournful gaze back to the food, and you follow suit. You stare at the food. It stares back.

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  1. Camera: SONY DSC-N1
  2. Aperture: f/3.5
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 11mm